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To Provide Affirming and Inclusive Mental Health Care 

At CFT, we are committed to extending our values to provide affirming and inclusive mental health care to the transgender and gender diverse communities.  We welcome therapists who share this commitment, and prioritize the lived experiences of our clinicians in addition to their clinical excellence. We are committed to making mental health care and knowledge accessible, and plan to expand our pro bono and sliding scale services focused on this community.  We are also excited to partner with other organizations to provide outreach and increase mental health awareness and literacy.


If you are seeking mental health care that aligns with CFT’s values and hope to work with clinicians who are not only affirming but knowledgeable, please reach out to us.  We are eager to hear from you and work together to help you survive and thrive in a world that can be incredibly unkind.

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  • Navigating transitions

  • Family of origin conflict and adjustment

  • Challenges with chosen family

  • Diverse romantic and sexual relations

  • Intersections of gender identity with other identities (race, ethnicity, sexuality etc.)

  • Impacts of stigma 

  • Systemic oppression

  • Religious trauma

  • Previously harmful treatment experiences 

  • Suicidality and self-harm

  • Exploring personal relationships to social constructions of gender (ie. masculinity, femininity)


For more resources check out this guide that was created by a community member Ashleigh Schrum!

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