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Center Focused Therapy is excited to present our new therapy group program! We offer groups focused on a variety of mental health concerns including, but not limited to: college student mental health, marginalized/oppressed identities, mindfulness/anxiety and more.

Why Groups?

Talking about our struggles with another person can be a powerful, comforting and therapeutic experience.  Even more so, sharing our struggles in a supportive group space can be just as, if not more, therapeutic as a result of the encouragement, sense of connection and shared experience present.  


Our therapy groups promote community, vulnerability and genuine support. We believe that having a relatable/shared experience with others with kind, empathic facilitation by our skilled clinicians can provide a unique and powerful therapeutic experience that only can exist in a group space.

Support Group Session

Common struggles that groups can benefit:

  • Difficulty connecting with others

  • Struggles with expressing emotions

  • Difficulty asking for support 

  • Anxiety in social situations

  • Inability to feel truly understood

Support Group

Benefits of our specialized groups:

  • Facilitators that care

  • Inclusivity and diversity

  • Practice in sharing vulnerable emotions

  • Practice in mindfulness  and coping skills 

Therapy Session
Therapy Session
Gender Non Binary Group
A supportive virtual group for adults who identify outside the gender binary and/or are questioning. This group offers space to build meaningful connections with other non-binary+ identified adults while exploring our relationships with gender, expression, and other intersecting aspects of identity.
Topics discussed will be generated by group members, creating room for us to process and share support around the many complexities of living outside the binary. This group requires a minimum one month commitment from each participant to allow for the group to build a cohesive and affirming community.  
Coping with Corona Support Group
Are you feeling stressed, isolated or overwhelmed? Then this group may be for you! 

Open to all University of Chicago students, this group will help develop a supportive community, learn new ways to understand anxiety and reduce stress, deepen your self-compassion, and build a more meaningful life. This group provides a confidential and nonjudgmental environment to talk about your experiences. 
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Our therapists are experienced, skilled and passionate in providing therapy to Chicago's college students