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Are you struggling with communication or desiring deeper connections?


Do you experience difficulty saying no or taking risks?


Do you wonder how others experience you in social situations?

Do you want to re-evaluate and shift the "role" you typically play in relationships?

Are you searching to combat loneliness and find a sense of community?


Are you seeking to connect with your emotions and grow in allowing others to see your authentic, vulnerable self?

Center Focused Therapy offers groups to support clients in addressing and shifting their patterns of relating to themselves and others. CFT offers groups focused on a variety of mental health concerns including, but not limited to, college student mental health and marginalized/oppressed identities.


Talking about our struggles with another person can be a powerful, comforting, and therapeutic experience. Even more so, sharing our struggles in a supportive group space can be just as, if not more, therapeutic as a result of the encouragement, sense of connection, feedback, and shared experience present among clients.  


Our therapy groups promote community, vulnerability, and genuine support. Group therapy further allows clients to understand the role they typically play in relationships and examine if that is working for them, or if they’d like to try something different. We believe that having a shared experience with others who are moving toward similar goals, combined with empathic facilitation by our skilled clinicians, can provide a unique and powerful therapeutic experience that can only exist in a group space.

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Click through the slideshow below to learn more about the group offerings currently available at CFT. 

All groups are currently virtual.

Clients are welcome to participate in individual and group therapy together, at the same time, for their unique benefits. 

BCBS PPO, United, Aetna, or self-pay ($50) are accepted for all groups.




A space to deepen understanding and awareness of relational patterns and emotions. Group will provide opportunities for connection and the fostering of greater insight through feedback.  



Our therapists are experienced, skilled and passionate in providing therapy to Chicago's college students

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