Anxiety can take many forms. You might experience it through constant worry or stress, intrusive thoughts of things weighing on you, a tendency to avoid things or people you know you have to deal with, physical symptoms or constantly feeling on edge, panic attacks, or any combination of these. While a little anxiety often helps us stay on top of our responsibilities, it can become a huge burden when it gets out of control and we find ourselves unable to ever relax or feel some degree of peace. 

Therapy can be very effective at addressing all forms of anxiety. We take a holistic and integrative approach at Center Focused Therapy, which is tailored to each individual’s presenting concerns and preferences. Because anxiety has both mental and physical components, it can be treated by targeting how a person thinks, addressing the underlying concerns that are driving heightened anxiety, integrating mindfulness practices to reduce a tendency to simply react, and physical practices to manage the experience of anxiety. Taken together, these can provide you significantly reduced distress and tension, a greater understanding of yourself, and a greatly improved ability to manage the stresses of life with greater confidence, ease, and wellbeing

Stressed Woman