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Difficulties in relationships can be extremely upsetting and a source of great pain and frustration, whether these occur with family, romantic partners, friends, or colleagues. You might find yourself trying to figure a way out of recurring arguments, profound feelings of loneliness and disconnection, infidelity, or chronic feelings of not feeling seen or heard by those you care about most. Such concerns can be particularly painful when it starts to look like a common pattern that’s impacting multiple relationships in your life.


Therapy can be extremely effective at addressing relationship difficulties.


At Center Focused Therapy, we take a relational approach to addressing such difficulties. This means that in addition to exploring and addressing your relationship concerns outside of therapy, we also use the therapeutic relationship itself as a means of gaining insight and fostering change in how you interact with others. Such work can not only help you greatly improve the specific relationships that might have led you to therapy in the first place, but also provide you with a greater sense of authenticity and connection with others, help you better advocate for your needs and wants, and lead you to feel more comfortable expressing all of who you are around those you are closest to in life.

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