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The complex message of what society often tells us women should be, is challenging, conflicting and can feel downright unattainable. Therapy can play a pivotal role in helping women not only survive but thrive. Exploring the impact of traditional gender roles on our lives and experiences, including romantic relationships, career, education, body image, reproductive health, pregnancy, motherhood, trauma, and culture, can help women to move through difficult times.

Beauty Models

At Center Focused Therapy, we approach women’s issues in a way that accounts for the potentially detrimental effects of how women are often socialized, how gender-based experiences intersect with our understanding and experience of topics such as career management, parenting, aging and more. Addressing such concerns in therapy can give you greater insight into how gender forms your approach to life and others, as well as provide you greater flexibility in order to open up ways of fostering greater connection to others and a stronger sense of meaning in life.

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