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Traumatic experiences can shake your sense of safety in the world, your ability to trust, and your sense of self. Trauma survivors include those who have experienced or witnessed life-threatening events, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, abuse, medical crises, accidents, war and sociopolitical violence, hate crimes, and brutality. Experiencing trauma may lead to symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including difficulty sleeping, re-experiencing memories or flashbacks, feelings of increased anxiety, sadness and anger, and disconnecting from yourself or others. 

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Trauma-informed therapy can help reduce and manage your symptoms, teach you new ways of coping, and process the underlying fears and feelings that trauma can bring to the surface. At Center Focused Therapy, our clinicians use a variety of clinical approaches to sensitively and respectfully help you explore your past while helping you find a new way forward. While struggling with trauma can be painful; learning to grow and heal can be empowering, nourishing, and life-affirming. 

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