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Depression is often experienced as crushing and enduring sadness, feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, loss of motivation, and an inability to find pleasure in life. It often has profound effects not just on how you feel but also on how you go about your daily life, often negatively impacting work or school performance, as well as your ability to hold on to close relationships with others. It can be particularly difficult to overcome on your own as it usually saps all one’s energy and ability to stay active and make the changes in life that often help improve how you feel.


Therapy has been shown to be effective at treating depression and helping improve peoples’ mood and functioning.


Our staff employs various approaches within a supportive and challenging environment to help get you moving again, address what you’re feeling, identify the sources of your unhappiness, and target the various factors that keep you feeling stuck. Such work can help you not only overcome your current depression but leave you with a greater self-understanding and tools that will be helpful in avoiding potential future depression next time you encounter significant difficulties in your life.

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