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How to Embrace the Change in Seasons

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

…Some thoughts on values and adaptation from a therapist on a morning walk…

Finding a few values to focus on as we head into the colder months may be a helpful way of embracing the inevitable change of the seasons with more intention and meaning. This came to me in a moment of reflection on a morning walk, I pondered “Trees…Woah…I love the fall…Such beautiful colors on the trees…Ugh but that also means winter is coming… And Woah trees lose their leaves to survive the winter. How adaptive.” Which brought me to the question of—What can I do to sustain myself through the winter (especially given I may be going in with less energy than other years)? As a therapist does on a morning walk—turn inward! What are a few of my values and how could these help guide me to sustaining my energy and purpose through this winter? I chose three of my values, asked myself some questions, and jotted down a couple things I could do:

1. Self-Compassion—Am I allowing myself to slow down, heal, and recharge? Do I speak to myself as I would a friend or a loved one? Do I react to my thoughts and feelings with criticism and judgement and how may I speak differently to myself?

***Reminding myself I am human and imperfect and that is okay

2. Nature—Can I look to it for peace and calmness? Even on a gloomy day, can I find stillness and gratitude in something bigger than me? How can nature help me accept my overall lack of control?

***Take care of house plants and go for nature walks

3. Art—How will I express myself? What can I watch, listen to, or experience that brings me

connection? When I’m confused about how I’m feeling can I use art to help me make sense of it?

***Draw, color, paint, write, listen to music

I encourage you to turn inward and think about what’s important to you deep down. Are there a few things you can choose to align with to help you sustain yourself through the winter? Are there questionsyou can ask yourself that challenge you to explore your values deeper?

What can you do to take action towards these values? As the trees do… sustain yourself...because what’s important is you.

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