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Mx. Shane Krause

Advanced Therapy Extern

Mx. Krause uses they/them pronouns

  • ADHD

  • Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship Issues

  • Trauma 

  • PTSD

  • Queer Identity Concerns 

Therapy can be difficult, both to start and to maintain; it often asks us to talk about sensitive topics and deeply personal experiences. These concerns can be hard to verbalize in general, especially those that are integral to our identity and personality. When you are not familiar with the other person, disclosing these parts of ourselves can be downright terrifying. I strive to provide a collaborative, nonjudgmental space that holds respect for the bravery each person displays when showing up to therapy. Together, we can make what may seem a daunting task into a powerful stepping stone toward the future.

My therapeutic style places the relationship at the center of our work, because without trust, there can be little room for growth or healing. My primary focus is to strike a balance between maintaining a safe space for emotions and challenging you to meet your goals while facilitating self-empowerment and exploration. I bring a warm and compassionate energy to the room, where you as the client can lead the conversation in service of building insight and meaning. To this end, I pull from an eclectic mix of approaches to meet your needs, though I draw primarily from existential, psychodynamic, and feminist theories.

I am currently a doctoral student at The Chicago School working toward my PsyD. I have several years of training under my belt working with clients across the lifespan in a variety of settings. Because of this, I have become comfortable helping to manage a wide range of concerns, from the mood disorders and executive functioning struggles that disrupt daily living to the many traumas that can overwhelm and alarm. I welcome the opportunity to walk beside you in creating a more authentic version of your life. In addition, as a nonbinary individual, I place particular emphasis on creating an accepting atmosphere for all gender and sexual identities, and I am well-versed in navigating the identity questioning and solidifying process. I look forward to meeting with you to determine if we would be a good fit for therapy!

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