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Dr. Samiha Jallouqa, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jallouqa uses she/her/hers pronouns

  • Anxiety

  • Adjustment difficulties

  • Life transitions

  • Depression

  • Relationship and social concerns (peer, family, or romantic)

  • Self-esteem concerns

  • Social identity concerns

  • Eating and body image concerns

Additional Languages Spoken:


Allowing yourself to be supported during times of unease is the first step towards becoming your best self. However, without adequate support, overcoming feelings of overwhelm, sadness, disconnection, or insecurity can be an isolating and exhausting experience. This is why I understand the importance of finding the right therapist.

You may be seeking to feel truly heard and understood without judgment by someone you can trust to help you feel more grounded, confident, and satisfied in your everyday life. As a therapist, my main goal is to create that safe and trusting relationship to guide and empower you towards achieving ultimate personal growth and to begin feeling like the best version of yourself. Together, as a team, we will utilize our relationship as a solid foundation to explore and tackle your greatest hopes and challenges, with a bit humor and lots of compassion along the way. I also understand that suffering and healing looks different for everyone. For this reason, I utilize a culturally-sensitive, personalized blend of therapeutic approaches that best fits your unique needs.

I am extremely passionate about working with adults from diverse cultural backgrounds who may struggle with a sense of otherness and never fully feeling understood, with a specialization in Arab-American and Muslim mental health. I also love helping people overcome relationship difficulties, identity and self-esteem concerns, adjustment issues and major life transitions, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Therapy can be a powerful, life-changing experience. With the right support, change is absolutely possible. I would love to join you along your journey. To get started or for any questions, send me an email or give me a call.

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