What do you do for Self-Care?

Have you ever heard your therapist ask you “what do you do for self-care?” Self-care is constantly spoken about within the therapeutic session but how often do our clients actually practice self-care? I find myself constantly reminding clients to practice self-care to help achieve and maintain their overall well-being. The responses to the idea of self-care vary from not knowing what it is to trying to minimize their need for self-care.

You may be asking yourself “what is self-care Keeton?” Self-care is defined as “the act of attending to one’s physical or mental health” (Self-care). Self-care can help reduce stress, symptoms of anxiety or depression, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and create balance within physical and mental health. Self-care can also help balance and regulate one’s emotions. “Self-care is often considered to be an important aspect of resiliency: those who are able to adequately meet their needs are often able to better cope with everyday stressors” (Team,GoodTherapy).

Self-care is not just about mental and physical health. There are seven pillars of self-care and each of us focuses on each pillar differently. The seven pillars can be used to “list specific activities for self-carers, self-care support tasks for healthcare professionals, barriers, policies and much else” (The Seven Pillars). The seven pillars are:

  1. Knowledge and Health Literacy

  2. Mental Wellbeing

  3. Physical Activity

  4. Healthy Eating

  5. Risk Avoidance

  6. Good Hygiene

  7. Rational use of Products and Service

The seven pillars can be used as a base point on building a better overall well-being of ourselves. Small steps such as getting 8-10 hours of sleep, eating healthy, or taking time for ourselves can make huge changes in our well-being. I recommend to all of my clients to make a list of 10 items of self-care to help them visualize what they view as self-care. What are you going to do to build up your self-care rituals?

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