Ms. Nina Bednarz

LPC Counseling Intern

Ms. Bednarz uses she/her/hers pronouns


·  Anxiety

·  Depression

·  Addiction and substance use

·  Trauma and PTSD

·  Self-esteem concerns

·  Body image concerns

·  Relational concerns

Life is constantly exposing us to challenges, obstacles, barriers, and most importantly, opportunities for change. Collaborating with a safe support system can help us make sense and meaning of our struggles while honoring the difficulty that we inevitably experience. Together, we will work to find an avenue that creates room to discover your true potential and purpose.

I provide a safe space where we can cultivate a sense of security and trust to process difficult transitions, identity concerns, relational turmoil, and the struggles that we experience throughout our lives. I conceptualize individuals as inherently deserving of compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Together, we can grow in a way that is authentic and right for you. 

I take a holistic approach while drawing upon a psychodynamic, strengths-based, trauma-informed, existential, and interpersonal lens. I have a specific clinical focus in earlier complex childhood experiences and familial distress; although our survival strategies may have helped us through extremely overwhelming and difficult situations, those same patterns can manifest in unhealthy ways that are no longer serving us well.

I have experience in a residential setting treating eating disorders as well as a non-profit serving adult populations suffering from various mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. I am passionate about serving diverse populations experiencing a wide array of concerns such as trauma/PTSD, identity concerns, relational difficulties, self-esteem, and general life transitions. My goal is to create room for growth and empowerment while helping you identify and develop your inherent value and worth. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards productive change and clarity.