Ms. Lauren Mulligan, LSW

Licensed Social Worker & Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

Ms. Mulligan uses she/her/hers pronouns


●  Anti-racist & feminist practice

●  Anxiety disorders

●  Coping with discrimination, systemic violence, and opppression

●  Dance/Movement Therapy

●  Depressive disorders

●  LGBTQIA+ and kink affirming

●  Mindfulness, meditation and yoga

●  Relationships (Monogamous, monagamish, non-monogamous, & polyamorous)

●  Trauma  (Including complex, relational, and structural trauma)

As a therapist, I aim to collaborate with my clients to find joy, pleasure and resilience in their lives, while honoring and healing past and present trauma and harm. I use an integrative clinical approach grounded in feminist-relational, trauma responsive and body-centered practices. This means that I am interested in creating a genuine, transparent and accountable relationship with you. My hope is that within our relationship we can identify and interrupt patterns that may emerge in other relationships in your life. Together we can build and celebrate new patterns as I hold a space in which you can be witnessed and affirmed in your evolution.

I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings and have worked with individuals, couples and groups experiencing a wide range of challenges. My passion and specialty is in trauma-responsive identity-based work, particularly with members of the expansive queer, kink and polyamorous communities. I see our work in therapy as inherently political. I support my clients in identifying and creating micro-moments of resistance that affirm their dignity and autonomy within a structurally violent world. I aim to bring humility, accountability and authenticity to our work, as we navigate the ways power and oppression play out in the therapeutic relationship.

I believe that reconnecting our body, mind and spirit is integral to healing. My training in dance/movement therapy allows me to attend to your whole body/mind/spirit in our work. We move through our lives as fully embodied beings, and so often our bodies are marked and politicized in harmful ways. Our bodies are also vehicles for self-expression, resistance and pleasure. There is no prescriptive way that dance/movement therapy will look in a session with me, and I invite movers and non-movers alike into a space where we attend to all of you.

I am humbled to do the work of therapy in relationship with my clients, and I honor the courage and vulnerability it takes to begin the process of working on ourselves.