Ms. Christine John, MA

Pre-Licensed Therapist

Ms. John uses she/her/hers

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment repair

  • Depression

  • Emotional and spiritual abuse

  • Exploring and strengthening social identities (racial, ethnic, sexual, etc)

  • Grief and loss

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Religious deconstruction

  • Relationship issues

  • Sexual shame & wellness

  • Trauma and Complex PTSD (racial, religious, emotional, generational, etc.)

  • Women’s issues

Seeking out therapy can feel intimidating, especially if you are often misunderstood, underrepresented, and encounter threats to your health and wellbeing due to intersecting forms of oppression. That’s why I aim to create a safe, validating, meaningful, and accepting therapeutic space that invites you to bring all aspects of your identity and lived experiences without fear of judgment or ignorance. As the firstborn daughter of Palestinian and Pakistani immigrants, I truly believe that clients deserve therapists who have prior knowledge, experience, and understanding of their cultural backgrounds, the impact of sociopolitical factors, and their vulnerabilities to oppressive systems.

My approach to therapy is person-centered, mindfulness-based, and trauma-informed while also rooted in social justice, liberation, and intersectionality.  I also appreciate humor, intuition, and transparency in the therapeutic relationship, making space for mutuality and lightheartedness when needed. My goal is to empower my clients to reclaim their voices, connect to their bodies, discover their strengths, unlearn harmful ideologies, develop self-determination, cultivate resilience, and take actions towards a lifestyle that is both healing and fulfilling to them and congruent to their values. I am also committed to learning how to better advocate for social change and how to better understand others at the intersection of their identities and backgrounds.

My clinical experiences in private practice include working with adolescent and adult clients who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+, mainly children of immigrants, international students, and transracial adoptees. I have also worked at several non-profit organizations with neurodivergent adults, teenagers with academic concerns, and children experiencing high risk forms of trauma and abuse. In working with these diverse demographics, ages, cultures, socioeconomic statuses, family systems, and abilities, I developed a passion to be a supportive and healing presence to marginalized communities in ensuring their success, safety, and flourishing. Outside of my work as a therapist, I love to practice yoga, read books, go to the beach during golden hour, laugh with friends, and bird watch with my cat Leo.

Please reach out if you are interested in a consultation call to determine if this is a good fit for therapy. I am so excited to connect with you!