Dr. Anmol Satiani, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Satiani uses she/her/hers pronouns


*Academic concerns


*Adjustment Difficulties



*Multicultural concerns

*Racial trauma

*Relationship Concerns (romantic, familial, or peer)

*Self-esteem concerns

*Social Identity concerns, including racial identity

*Training and supervision of counselors/psychologists

*Trauma and PTSD

*Women’s issues

Life can be challenging.  It can be easier with the right support and it takes courage to seek out this help.  I view therapy as a safe place to discuss worries, frustrations, barriers, and joys with a non-judgmental person with who is trained to listen and help.  It is a good place to discuss both the past and the present and the connections between the two. Therapy can help you to move toward healing and having a fuller life.

I strive to understand you as a whole person who exists within many environments and relationships. I aim to create a relationship with you in which you feel understood, heard, and valued. My approach is collaborative and focused on helping you to better understand yourself, build upon your strengths, and think about how to move toward your personal goals. I draw from relational psychodynamic, feminist, cross-cultural, and anti-racist approaches.

Previous experience in working in university counseling centers (including University of Illinois at Chicago and DePaul University), a community hospital, and community mental health centers has prepared me to work with a wide range of people and concerns.  I have a strong interest in working with university students, international students, immigrants and refugees, and people of Color or other marginalized peoples. I regularly present, write, and consult about diversity and social justice related topics. My professional background also includes experience in training future psychologists and counselors, including providing clinical supervision, didactic training, and serving as an administrator of a training program (DePaul University Counseling Services) for over 7 years.

Finding a good match in therapy is important. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you to determine whether we would be a good fit.